What we can offer

  • We offer you a PROVEN CONCEPT that has been tried and proven since 1994.

  • We offer you SYSTEMS that work.

  • We offer you a HANDS ON support  TEAM with the knowledge and experience to help make you successful.

  • We offer you ongoing SUPPORT, advice and assistance.

  • We offer you on the job TRAINING in your store.

  • We offer you on the job TRAINING with your staff.

  • We offer you a team who work hard to IMPROVE your PROFITABILITY.

  • We offer you FREEPHONE lines so if you have a problem or a query you can talk to us promptly.

  • We offer you access to over 3,000 products.

  • We offer you  IN-HOUSE IMPORTING to improve your gross profit and to offer customers superior products.

  • We offer you access to a large number of suppliers.

  • We offer you access to franchisees that are willing to SHARE and HELP.

  • We offer you a lot of FUN and REWARDS.

  • We offer you a GREAT franchise with GREAT people.

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