Our companys history

While holidaying on the Gold Coast Brian Salmon the founder of "The 2n'5 Franchise", had the idea were a single gold coin could purchase anything in store.

On Brian’s return to New Zealand, he  made his idea reality. The first $2 Shop was opened in July 1994; this was The $2 Shop New Plymouth. He soon realised that The $2 Shop concept was a winner with the public.

The first store was closely followed by the first franchised store, Palmerston North  which opened in December 1994. In quick concession Hamilton (March 1995), Tauranga (July 1995), Rotorua (September 1995) where opened and so that was the start of The $2 Shop franchise.

Over the past 21 years our stores have evolved to be brightly-lit, well-merchandised, with a high standard of shop fit out and a friendly atmosphere, providing an up-market, enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.  In 2010 The $2 Shop expanded its product range to $5 products  and introduced The $5 Shop. This exciting change not only meant a wider range of products for our customers but resulted in The 2 n’5 (The $2 Shop and The $5 Shop), that we know today.

We have an experienced, “hands on” franchise office team that has practical in store experience, who will assist in yours and your staffs training in all aspects of running your business.

The simple but highly successful concept of a “fixed price" philosophy underpins the attraction of "The 2n'5 Franchise".


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